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Create, view and train with Rangor Poker, a powerful and intuitive range software. More than 20,000 GTO ranges simplified to respond to all situations with ease

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Easy to use



A powerful application to consult any range in a few clicks. Available on internet browsers for even faster access



A simple and intuitive design for an ease of use whatever your level is



We use the latest solvers algorithms to ensure the highest level of accuracy in our results


View mode

  • Fast and intuitive, you can view any range in just a few clicks
  • Each situation also has simple and effective analysis tools for a more in-depth study of ranges
  • Whether you are an amateur or a pro, you will be well prepared for any eventuality, so you will have no doubts about how to play your hands pre-flop

Edit mode

  • Easily create and classify your ranges according to your needs
  • You can also modify existing ranges to adapt them to your opponents and your playing limits
  • Too tedious to copy your ranges? You can copy them from and to the main existing solvers and analysis tools

Training mode

  • Practice all available ranges with our four innovative quiz formats
  • With our many filters, you can select very specify spots and adjust the difficulty to improve your skills
  • Become irreproachable pre-flop with our training mode

And much more...

Free updates

We are constantly updating our app to provide you with new features and meet your expectations. Don’t hesitate to submit your ideas in our discord!

Strategy short stack

All Allin or Fold and Call versus Allin situations. We highlight marginal hands to better fit your strategy to the situation in the tournament. (ICM, Bubble ...)

Simplified ranges

Poker is a complex game, especially when it comes to GTO. Know that even professional players are fond of simplifications to overcome this difficulty. We are currently the only ones to have created a powerful simplification algorithm to make it more accessible. Learning the GTO has never been easier!


without any commitment

Who are we ?

Pierre Merlin

Pierre Merlin


Pofessional poker player since 2014 specialized in MTT, I won over $ 1.3 Million in live / online career. Rangor helps me a lot to progress and improve my understanding of the game ! Every mistake starts preflop!

Neil Siguerdidjane

Neil Siguerdidjane


Passionate about game theory and programming for years. With my degree in computer science, I want to make Rangor the new poker tool reference that will allow you to progress in no time.

Kevin Goillot

Kevin Goillot

Expert GTO/Solver

Professional poker player around 2010 up to 10/20 in online cash game. My passion for data analysis made me switch to compute solutions for other professional poker players and coach them, mostly in MTT.

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